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Aug. 28th, 2010 09:23 pm
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Title: Quick fix
Pairing: Cougar/Jensen
Rating: R
Summary: It was only the breakout of war in a tiny despot country that saved Jensen from a bullet between the eyes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, borrowed!
Warnings: Violence, disterbing imagery.
Notes: Part of the Belonging Series.

It was only the breakout of war in a tiny despot country that saved Jensen from a bullet between the eyes.

It also saved Cougar from what would have probably been soul crushing remorse a few months down the line.

They moved in with the orders to rescue the fucking princess.

Jensen made Super Mario quips the whole way there, and somehow always managed to be right next to Roque whenever Cougar glanced over at him.

Oh how the tables had fucking turned.

They were both professional.

They waited until after everyone else had a shot before they tried to kill each other.

In fairness, Cougar started it. Some snide quip about Jillian that he would never have dreamed of making a month back. Fuck, he’s have killed someone for saying it.

So when Jensen head butted him, it was really only fair.

It was almost like fucking, and nothing like it.

Holding someone down and ramming your cock in them was pretty fucking intimate. Being close enough to someone to see the whites of their eyes when you smashed their head against the ground…again. Pretty fucking intimate.

Sex and violence. The way of the world.

Jensen was a kitten, usually.

And when he was pissed, that kitten became nearly two hundred pounds of solid muscle.

Somewhere between the bust lip and fractured wrist, Cougar remembered that this was the guy who had put Roque on his ass.

There was a reason he didn’t lose his temper much.

Some guys got nasty.

He got stupid.

Jensen pinned him down, and Cougar couldn’t help but remember the feel of other hands on his arms. Of other fights ending other ways.

“Next time.” Jensen hissed, blood on his voice, and in his eyes. “Just fucking ask me. I won’t say no.”

He got up, left Cougar face down in the dirt.

Cougar had no fucking clue what he was talking about.

Only maybe he did. When he got back to the hotel, he was a wreck.

When he came out of the shower, Jensen was sat on the end of the bed.

“Jillian is mine.” He said, no comment on the bruises Cougar wore like a cheap hooker’s face paint. “After Sarah died I went a little crazy.”

Still was, if you asked Cougar. He didn’t say so. Just took a seat on the bed next to him.

“You’re not the first asshole I’ve hooked up with.” The grin Jensen flashed him was so easy and honest, Cougar could forget all about the crazy fucking shit Jensen had dumped on him. “Some guys. Some girls. I knocked this one girl up. She was as fucked in the head as I was. Left the kid on my doorstep one day and I never saw her since.”

“Why lie about it?”

Why lie to me?

Jensen shrugged his shoulder and waved an arm around the room. “Look at us, Cougs.” The shitty hotel room, the pile of weapons, the blood and the scars and the nightmares that followed them both into the day. “I couldn’t bring a kid into this. I’m not father material. Judy and Sam straightened me out, and they can give her a good life. All I’d give her is a life full of issues by proxy.”

In Jensen logic, it made some kind of sick, twisted sense.

But if Cougar was Jillian, and Jensen his dad, when he grew up, he’d kick the fucker from here to Kingdom Come.

They flew back in for debriefing.

They were stateside for less than a day before Clay was rounding them up and herding them like cattle into a noisy, tin death trap.

Apparently there was some guy in Bolivia the Company needed dead.

As far as Jensen was concerned, they were back to normal.

Cougar wasn’t sure a fight and a fuck was going to cut it.

He welcomed the distraction.

Notes: Normally I try and stick to the comics where possible, but Boliva worked better with the storyline, so I have swerved into movie!verse.

Also, this one is short, sorry. I think it is the calm before the storm, so to speak. Only it isn't all that calm. Whoops.
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