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Badass Bookworm 2/2
Jensen's sick and tired of being the 'pussy'.
Part One

Jensen is the most dangerous man Cougar has ever met.

Physically, he’s strong as an ox. Mentally, he’s leaps and fucking bounds ahead of the rest of them. He’s, well, beautiful, for lack of a better term, and if he asked, Cougar would follow him over a cliff in a heartbeat.

And he has absolutely zero clue.

Jensen is well aware of his merits, and has to be, given he falls back on them three, four, five times a week.

He’s their techie, and the way he sees it, he has a very specific purpose in the group that begins and ends with his ability to open and close a laptop.

It’s fucking ridiculous.

And frustrating. Really goddamn frustrating.

The rest of them, they all have a book on Crazy Things Jensen Does (and Lives Through). They have bets on his next insanely brilliant misadventure, and watch with silent awe as he bounces like silly putty from one crazy fucking situation to the next.

They made a silent pact that they’d keep it to themselves. Fuck knows the kid doesn’t need any encouragement.

Only maybe that’s where they’ve gone wrong.

Fresh out of the shower, and Jensen’s looking at Cougar like he expects to be scolded.

He might be, later. That’s Clay’s shtick, not his. Cougar’s not mad that Jensen just beat a man bloody with his fists.

He’s not surprised, or worried, or freaked out.

He’s turned on.

So what if he has weird kinks?

Jensen’s solid and strong and seriously fucking brilliant. When he can’t fight his way out of something, he thinks his way out instead.

And Cougar’s the only man in the world who gets to bend him over and make him beg.

How in the hell is that NOT a motherfucking turn on?

In ‘Crazy Things Jensen Does (and Lives Through)’, Cougar has his own personal favorites.

Some are funny, and some are unbelievable, and some are straight out of a James Bond movie.

The classic though, the all time greatest moment of pure motherfucking win has to be Mexico, 2003.

Cougar wakes up flat on his back, hands tied behind him – fucking rookie move – and the unforgiving sun beating down on his face.

When he rolls over, he sees Jensen, bleeding at the hairline and bound the same way.

Before Cougar even has the time to get pissed, footsteps make the earth pound under his head.

Two of them, one beside Cougar, the other crouching over Jensen.

Cougar gets overprotective at times. Doesn't mean he thinks Jensen is any less capable than the next government trained assassin. He just can’t help it. One too many times watching someone he cares about through the sight of a gun, often too far away to help. It fucks you up.

And Jensen, well, he attracts trouble like flies to fucking honey.

The guy over Jensen leans in even closer. He puts his fingers on Jensen’s cheek – dirty and oily and soon to be cut short at the knuckles – and then down. He grins up at his friend, “Eh, bonito niño!”

He looks back down at Jensen…and Jensen…

Fuck, Jensen doesn’t even open his eyes before headbutting him.

It’s fucking beautiful.

Of course, Jensen justifies it as a spastic twitch, and then provides the science to support the idea of an uncontrollable flailing of limbs following a head injury.

Cougar doesn’t fucking care. It’s a crowning moment of glory.

And it’s also why he’s real careful when he needs to wake Jensen up for anything.

Cougar likes his nose.

“Come here.”

There’s every chance Jensen will ignore the command. Cougar knows as much, and it makes every single time Jensen obeys that much sweeter.

Still, Jensen crosses his arms over his chest – completely unaware of the visual they provide Cougar with – and pouts like a kid denied his candy.

“You’re angry with us.” Cougar would say ‘me’, but the problem is bigger than that.

Jensen goes for innocence. He’d manage it, if Cougar doesn't know him so well.

“Nah man, just beat. Literally.” His smile is self depreciating and empty.

He looks tired, but too bad.

“You’re lying. You know how I feel about that.”

Jensen adopts a look that says ‘as if I give a fuck’. It’s a lie again, and a blatant cry for Cougar to reel him in.

He pulls Jensen to the bed, hands on the knot of the towel, and watches as a bead of water traces a line down Jensen’s abs.

Cougar knows guys who would give their left nut for abs like Jensen’s.

They’re bruised, but then they usually are. Jensen’s always bruised, either from people trying to break him, or his own clumsiness.

And sometimes they are from Cougar.

Cougar likes those ones the best.

Jensen might not have been a bouncing bundle of enthusiasm, but he’s a guy, and he has a pulse, and most of all, Cougar can play him like a fucking virtuoso.

So when he’s pushed back onto the bed, he’s half hard.

When Cougar’s got his wrists tied to the headboard, he’s all the way there.

Another stand out moment of Jensen’s is Roque.

It’s a well-known but poorly circulated secret that Jensen and Roque tried to kill each other the one time.

Total communication mishap – won’t ever happen again – but the result is the two beating the shit out of each other until Clay steps in to save the day. And their asses.

And that right then is the moment Jensen reaches the top of Cougar’s list of people he admires and respects.

Seeing Roque literally rip a guy in half is scary impressive.

Seeing Jensen beat Roque half to death with an Encyclopaedia Britannica is just plain awesome.

“You know why I like you like this?” Cougar asks. He’s not in a rush, and uses his fingers to trace patterns on Jensen’s damp skin.

“You’re a dirty man?” Jensen snarks off.

Cougar ignores him, even though he is right.

“I like having you at my mercy.” Not normally something Cougar would admit to. “All that strength, all those brains of yours. And you’re helpless for me now, nene.”

“Am not.” All of Jensen’s smarts desert him when he’s turned on, and he resorts to pouting to get his own way.

It doesn’t work.

“You are. And even if you could get free, you wouldn’t.” With enough time and inclination, Jensen could slip the knots. They were all trained to. Sometimes that is more useful than others. “Would you?”

It looks like it costs Jensen everything to say “No.”

“You want to be here.”


“You want me to take control. Tell you what to do. Fuck you.”

Jensen closes his eyes and looks resigned.


And Cougar can’t drag it out any longer. “Then tell me why I wouldn’t respect you for that?”

His eyes open in surprise.

This close, and they are as blue as the sky.

“Hmm?” Cougar asks.

And Jensen finally gets it. Maybe.

You don’t get more badass than Jensen after Afghanistan. Anyone who can keep Clay from going apeshit, and Pooch from going AWOL, and Cougar and Roque from tearing the rest of the world apart deserves major badass merits.

Only by then Jensen stops caring.

And that’s when Cougar remembers just how dangerous he has always know Jensen can be
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